Our Choir

Our Choir

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Currently our choir is exeriencing a revival of membership under the direction of our new Music directors. It is so encouraging to see the seats almost full near the altar. Better hurry and get your seat before they fill up. Currently our choir is meeting for practice Wednesday’s at 7pm.

Choir Director and Organist


We are Richard and Lois Vestuto. We are married for 50 years. We have two married children and six grand children. Richard an ordained Permanet Deacon in the Catholic Church and a retired Pastor and musician has actually been playing the organ for 65 years. His most intense and formal music training was ona 5 manual Wurlitzer Pipe Organ at St. Mary’s Seminar, Techny, Illinois. He later furthered his music education at DePaul University, Chicago. Lois has worked in music ministry for 35 years. She received her formal music training at a conservatory for the performing arts, Washington D.C.

We have been blessed with an energetic and enthusiastic spirit for ministry. We love people and have a great respect for the giftedness of others.

The mission of the Apostolic Church arroding to Acts 2:41-47 remains the blue print for the church’s mission in today’s world: To Pray, To Teach, To Share our goods with the needy. To Evangelize. As Organist and Choir Director our job is to support this Misssion and encourage spiritual growth by praying regularly with the Choir, sharing insites into God’s word though the music for worship that inspires our congregation to take the good news thought their words and actions into the “Market Place.”

We are happy to be here and excited to be an integral part of the talented music ministry at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church